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Sultan Greeley!!!

Putting the "Ass" in Character Assassination

Sultan Jason Greeley's Empire!!!
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Image hosted by Sultan Greeley

Welcome to the holy shrine of Sultan Jason Greeley, Newfoundland's greatest hero and life's greatest miracle! This is a place where lowly peons such as ourselves can bask in his mighty effervescence. Acts that may be performed here include:

Any of Sultan Greeley's many positive traits may be discussed here. Suggestions: the wont to point, flail, roach stomp, and be constipated. Appreciation of his multitude of prized possessions (his don't-rags, for example) is also highly encouraged.

One may make pleas to Sultan Greeley in hopes of being granted a wish.

It is important to give thanks to Sultan Greeley when he blesses us with gifts, such as good weather, or slashiness.

Or umm you know. Pretty much do whatever. But most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

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